·        January

o   1/4 Committee Meeting

o   1/6 Pack Hike

o   1/8 Den Meeting

o   1/19-1/21 Winter Camp at Camp Sheppard

o   1/22 Den Meeting

o   1/29 Pack Meeting Valentine’s Day Service w/Snack

§  Wolves skit

·        February

o   2/1 Committee Meeting

o   2/3 Pack Hike

o   2/5 Den Meeting

§  Toby Nixon

o   2/12 Den Meeting

o   2/18 Scout Sunday

o   2/24 Blue & Gold

o   2/26 Pack Meeting / Crossover

·        March

o   3/2 Pack Hike 

o   3/4 Den Meeting

o   3/7 Committee Meeting

o   3/11 Pack Meeting Pinewood Derby Pit / Check in

§  Pics/Frames/etc…

o   3/16 Pinewood derby Holy Spirit Lutheran

§  Setup

§  Race 4-6pm

o   3/18 Den Meeting

o   TBD Scouting for Food Drive 9am-3pm at Holy Spirit Lutheran




·        April

o   4/1 Den Meeting

o   4/5 Committee Meeting

o   4/6 Pack Hike

o   4/15 Den Meeting

o   4/22 Pack Meeting

§  Webelos skit

·        May

o   5/3 Committee Meeting

o   5/4 Pack Hike

o   5/6 Den Meeting

o   5/13 Pack Meeting Pre-School Toy Clean

o   5/20 Den Meeting

o   TBD Scout Night at the Mariners

o   TBD Bike Rodeo

·        June

o   6/1-6/2 Family Campout @ Camp Edwards

o   6/3 Pack meeting Graduation /Awards

o   6/30 Pack Cook out at Pruitt’s House (Maltby)

·        July

o   7/4 Fourth of July Parade w/ Troop 570 & 8570

§  Scouts must ride in a vehicle.

§  Adults hand out candy

o   Twilight Camp

§  7/8-7/11 2:45-7:45pm

o   Webelos Camp @ Camp Piggot

§  7/12-7/15 or 7/19- 7/22

o   TBD Pack Hike

·        August

o   TBD Aqua Sox Scout Night (Funko Field Everett, WA)

o   TBD Beach Day @ Juanita Beach 10am-12pm


Upcoming events

February Den Meeting #2

Have fun with a purpose and earn advancements toward your rank! 

February 12th 5:30 - 6:30p

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church

Name of event

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Past events

Name of event

Pack Hike at Ferrel McWhirter Park! 

Saturday, February 3rd at 1pm

February Den Meeting

Monday, February 5th 5:30 to 6:30p at Holy Spirit Church